What this web site is all about — This web site is dedicated to the exchange of information about the best rivers for extended canoe-camping trips. It is intended for independent canoeists who are looking for descriptions of rivers where such a trip is possible. In deciding which rivers to feature, we consider several criteria:

  • The length of continuously canoe-able river is at least 90 miles.
  • There are not any serious whitewater rapids (although many of our rivers have some class I-II rapids or may require a portage of larger rapids). While it is possible to run Class III rivers in loaded canoes, we don’t recommend it for the average canoeist.
  • Camping (usually primitive) is available along the river.
  • There is no major impediment on our recommended route (some are controlled by dam release upstream or may end in the headwaters of a reservoir).
  • There are few or no portages of man-made obstacles.
  • There are noteworthy scenic, natural, cultural, or other worthwhile qualities.
  • There is usually adequate flow for comfortable canoeing (some are seasonal).

We have tried to include float trips that are representative of the many diverse regions from around the world, from black water rivers, to a bit of white water rivers. From desert streams to jungle rivers.

On each of the river descriptions, we offer a suggestion as to the length of the trip in miles and in days. The number of days in our estimate is based on normal conditions, and usually assumes a pace of about 15 miles/day. We also provide links to sources of more information about the rivers, including river flow data, parks and towns along the way, books (both river guides and history/geography of the area), other site with descriptions of the river, more pictures, etc.

This is a non-profit site. The few commercial links that you will see are mostly establishments that offer goods and services related to the river descriptions or canoeing in general. Many of these are reciprocal links, and some may provide us with a small reward for your patronage should you choose to do business with them. This income helps defray the cost of maintaining the site and domain.

Your comments are always welcome . This web site has been operational since 1998, and we have greatly appreciated the many comments, suggestions, and corrections we have received from our visitors. We’d love to have your comments, critiques, or suggestions by e-mail (see “Contact Us” link). We especially are looking for first person accounts of trips on your favorite rivers which we may not have included. Read this if you have a river to suggest for inclusion, or comments on those already included.