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Over the years we have floated or visited most of the rivers featured on this site.  We also rely on published information, outfitters and other local resources for rivers that we have not had the chance to see for ourselves.  Each river description is checked and updated periodically, but we still need help from our visitors to make sure our information is as accurate and up to date as possible.  We will gladly receive your suggestions for new rivers, additional information about those already on the site, or any suggested changes that would make those descriptions better.

New Rivers . . . If there is a river that you have canoed for a week or more that you think should be included, we’d love to add it.

Critiques and corrections . . . If you’ve floated one of the rivers featured on our site, give us your comments (on the river, or our description, or both).

Pictures . . . If you submit a river description, a picture or two would be most appreciated. The best pictures for this site show the river, the surrounding land, either recognizable people or boats, and something that makes this river different from the others.  We also invite more pictures of the rivers on our site.


If you would like to contribute, you can write up your description and e-mail it to us (see address above). If you send us a write-up, try to follow our format to the extent possible, but take whatever liberties you think are necessary. You can attach picture and html files to your e-mail.

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