My Adventure to The Amazon, South America

Sunset AmazonThe Amazon is undoubtedly one of the seven wonders of nature, its exotic animals and plants luring tourists from all across the globe, including me. From the Amazon River to the millions of unnamed species, this was an explorer’s dream come true. I, personally was attracted to the The Amazon River, I was captivated by the images I seen online itself. I couldn’t have imagined what it would be like in reality, my mind was set on exploring these beautiful rivers. Neighboring boat tourThe only way around the Rain-forest (more specifically its rivers) was to get a canoe tour of the whole forest. There was little to no distance between me and the wildlife, I was mesmerized by every creature that passed by even the ones floating silently beneath the river. Canoeing was an alternative option to the motor canoes that they had previously been using which would interfere with the sightings of the animals, this way animals could go on with their normal routine while the tourists could have the best experience and not bother the forests’ animals and wildlife. The Rain-forest was not quiet whatsoever but as the canoe cradled me and moved me from side to side I felt at peace, the small movements of the canoe and the enchanting river view were the most amazing combination. My eyes shot up at any moment I detected any major movements in or around the canoe. My ears were blessed by the almost mute sounds of the rain landing in the damp trees. As the day came to an end, my mind was coming to an agreement that I would camp out in these incredible landscapes. I had picked up quite a few camping tips during my visit.Amazon Sunset1.) Your camping spot needs to be away from the swamps, rivers etc, preferably in a higher place.

2.) Remember to dig a large hole close to your campsite as it will work as a drain in case of heavy rainfalls.

3.) Wrap a mosquito net around your net, to stop anything from entering into your tent so you’ll be more comfortable.Amazon BeautyThese are just a few tips to get you along the nights, it would be highly recommended for you to bring your own food so you won’t have to depend on hunting for food yourself. In my short few days there, I had detected species that I only had ever seen on a computer screen. My mind almost felt fuzzy due to the constant rain, I just couldn’t believe my eyes, I truly thought my eyes were deceiving me. I had come in close contact with the infamous poison dart frog and the brown throat-ed sloth, which stuck around my campsite for an extremely short period of time. The Rain-forest was truly everything and more, just like it seemed on the pictures on my computer’s background.

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