Okavango Delta, The Eden That Struck Straight To My Heart

Okavango Delta BotswanaPacking up to go with my colleagues to Africa was one of the most exciting things I did. I felt so alive knowing that we were going for a canoeing trip to one of the seven wonders of Africa, the Okavango Delta. I spent hours looking at the pictures, wondering when it would become a reality. The day finally reached and I was all restless. I mean traveling almost halfway across the world courtesy of our company, to go canoeing in exotic African waters was something I did not think would happen so soon. The details of planning were arranged for us and all we had to do was show up.

Okavango BotswanaAfter the long flight, we arrived at Botswana. I could already see a big difference even by the noise coming from people from all walks of life looking even more excited than I was to arrive at this place. We were ushered to a lodge where we would stay for the next week. The air there is so fresh and clear. When you look out into the open you can see so far out to the lush green grassland because the terrain there is very flat. The people are so welcoming and looked at us in amusement, probably wondering why we love to visit so much. The feel of it all was just amazing. Landrover OkavangoThe following day, we went out site seeing. For this place, wildlife is a norm and there is nothing surprising about a herd of buffaloes or antelopes migrating to and fro new pasture and watering places. For me, every time I looked around, it felt like I was in a new world and I am pretty sure it was the same for my colleagues too. We also had the pleasure of canoeing in these waters. There are edible fish in the waters like tilapia, I loved the taste of tilapia. On the water, as you canoe, water lilies make it seem as if you are floating in a calm way to heaven. The guide was so sure of himself even as we calmly floated a few meters from a hippo whose head we could spot and feel a chill down our spines. It was wonderful.Okavango ElephantsIn this place, there are no such things as day by day objectives when you get there. You do not know what it is nature will behold to you next. Lions so close when we are in the safari vehicles, cheetahs resting on the trees watching us pass by, the ever so sensitive antelopes that crossed the grassland every time there was an unusual noise. It makes you want to shout “I love Africa!” the home of untamed nature.Okavango Botswana Elephants

Okavango Elephant closeup

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