It was on this chilly Friday morning when we were both gathered at one of the most popular coffee joint in town and ready to take off for the one awaited trip of the year. I was so much excited for catching up with these old buddies from college. We were strongly prepared for this ramble lasting for the whole weekend to the world’s eminent bog area. We hurriedly finished catching up, loaded the boot with all that we needed for the journey and took off. I was on the steering and therefore everybody was at their comfort zone since back then in college, i was that trusted driver even at my tipsy mode. Ironically, nobody knew where to locate this Okefenokee place since it was the first time for both of us but thanks to technology, my co-driver was alert with the google map.

We cracked jokes, shared ideas and encouraged each other on the day to day life as we proceeded for the 318Miles journey. At exactly 6:30pm, we crossed the Mississippi river, east of the Okefenokee National Wildlife. We were so much excited as we enjoyed the evening nature view. After few minutes, there was darkness but to our luck, we had already located the place although our tour car had stuck in the bog. That was no big deal for us because we were right home. The place was so cold by the time we arrived hence, some of us were freezing. The croaks of the frogs and bloops of the salamander could be heard all over the place, you could wonder if they were in a choir making a rhyme scheme. We fastened first by making a fire place before we could think of putting the tents. This made things easier as we both enjoyed the warmth of the fire and light as well. We set the tents,ate the food we had carried and finished with smooth whisky, while others took wine as we made fun at the fireplace. I could hardly tell how each one of us went to sleep since the whisky took subjection of everyone. The only thing we could both remember is waking up in the morning when the sun was just taking over the sky only to realize some of us slept besides the fireplace, others in the tents while others in the car.

Saturday morning had come. We divided ourselves in groups of six each.the first group went fishing while others went hunting. I was in the group that went for fishing. It was a fantastic experience to do fishing alongside canoeing. We did photography as well as hiking. We enjoyed the wild fruits along the banks only to realize it was getting dark. No one could imagine how the day just ended so fast but with no choice and due to darkness, we traced our way back to the tents. We found the other group had already arrived as they were roasting the antelope they had hunted. We joined them by roasting the fishes we had brought and dinner was ready. As usual at the fireplace, we ate the food and accompanied by drinks but this time round we were much careful to sleep in the tents.

Morning came and we ended our tour by parking all our stuffs ready for the journey. We took off and by 8:00pm, we were back in the city.